We boosted the awareness and engagement
for the baby bath and oil products.
The Challenge
Grow the product awareness and boost audience engagement
We aimed to raise the product awareness for baby bath and oil since Bochko is already an established and strong brand in the Bulgarian market among mums. The biggest challenge was to grow engagement alongside the awareness.
The Solution
Awareness and engagement advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
1. We used a combination of creative formats, including video and images, to deliver the messages to mums at the right time.
2. Our focus was on building awareness very fast and then focusing more on engaging on Facebook and Instagram
3. YouTube advertising was highly successful, contributing to lots of views at a low Cost Per View and high View Rate
The Results
We managed to create a campaign for Bochko that had an excellent performance on all primary metrics
  • Increase of CTR by 50% vs previous campaigns
  • Engagement rates were 26% higher on Facebook and Instagram
  • Growth of YouTube view rate by 17%
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