iQ Snacks

Website design and SEO for yummy wafer sticks and croissants.
The Challenge
Build awareness and trial
iQ is a new brand of quality snacks. Our challenge was to build up awareness and win the hearts of a young and dynamic audience during all moments of consumption.
The Solution
Website Design, Social Media, SEO
  • Our social media strategy and content were on par with the brand image we wished to communicate.
  • We created social media posts with the audience in mind. Reaching them with engaging content.
  • The ultimate goal was to make everything simple, easy to navigate and friendly.
The Results
8,62% Conversion Rate (Visits/Leads) on Feb 2020
With no advertising budget, we managed to grab the interest of website visitors and convert them to qualified leads.

  • Our social media content helped us in attracting more people to the website. The social posts focused on brand consistency.
  • When landing on the relevant pages, we wanted to make sure that the user experience will be smooth and fast.
  • We paid particular attention to onsite SEO. The website loads in Google Page Speed insights in under 1.1 seconds on the desktop with a 94% optimisation score!
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