Building brand awareness within the plant-based community
The Challenge
Communicate the brand benefits of plant-based nutrition
Reaching consumers in this niche market was a challenge because we did not have a local landing page and we should direct traffic to the international website.
The Solution
Social media advertising, Google ads
1. We focused on social engagement ads to drive awareness and positive word of mouth for plant-based nutrition.
2. Our target audiences were tailored to all sub-segments of people that preferred to avoid consuming dairy products for their own dietary reasons, not only being vegan.
3. The messaging on the images used for the ads was a combination of English and Bulgarian language
The Results
The planning was flawlessly resulting in an excellent performance
  • 21k clicks on Google ads driving huge traffic to the international page
  • 3Mil impressions on Facebook and Instagram
  • Growth of awareness within a two months period
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