Website design and B2B marketing for transport services
The Challenge
Attract qualified B2B leads for transport services
Lamasped wanted to reach audiences in the UK, Greece and Bulgaria. The campaign focused on reaching professionals on operations, logistics, purchasing and procurement.
The Solution
LinkedIn Ads, Google Search
  • We redesigned the website from scratch and created an easy to use and intuitive form to capture the leads from advertising
  • On LinkedIn we focused on creating dynamic ads to the professional audience we wanted to attract with a clear call to action
  • On Google Search we wanted to narrow down the audience as much as possible using all the targeting capabilities of Google Ads as well as an extensive list of negative keywords to limit the traffic to B2B audiences
The Results
5,7 % Conversion Rate (Visits/Leads), June 2020
We managed to have a steady number of leads since the beginning of the campaign and the client decided to extend the period of the campaign to cover more months.
  • On Google Search, for many keywords we achieved double digit CTR bringing targeted audience to the website.
  • Our LinkedIn strategy was based on getting the lowest CPC possible and covering all related B2B audiences.
  • We took care for the visitors to have a smooth experience when landing on the website. The optimisation score is 93% on Google Page Speed anmd the home page loads under 1,7 seconds.
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