Skyrocketing the onlines sales for a tech brand
The Challenge
Grow online sales with zero awareness in a new market
We launched the brand in the Greek market in the beginning of 2020. With zero awareness we had to build online sales quickly. In the midst of the pandemic we managed to skyrocket the sales for a wide range of PowerLocus headphones with laser-targeted ecommerce ads.
The Solution
Ecommerce ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google
1. We researched extensively the competition, online media landscape and consumer habits of people in Greece.
2. Our next step was to create a combination of messaging and creative, based on social and search data.
3. Our launch results were visible from the beginning but we scaled up as soon as we managed to achieve critical mass with extensive ad testing.
The Results
CPA 1,49$, ROAS 18,75 on Facebook and Instagram ads!
During April 2020, we managed to have conversion campaigns delivering 18,75 Return On Ad Investment, meaning for every ad dollar the client invested with us they received back $18,75!

  • The online sales continue strong for a wide range of products in Greece
  • The quality ranking of our ads was constantly above average based on Facebook
  • On May 2020 the client trusted us also to launch the Romanian market
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